Design and characterization

The design, preceded by an accurate characterization of the environmental scenario being treated, is one of the main phases of the working method: BSA Ambiente experts devote scrupulous attention to the chemical and biological verification and to the compatibility check with the environmental scenario to be processed, using state-of-the-art analysis and monitoring systems, including the choice of the better period of the year in term of weather conditions for their intervention. In developing the project, the BSA Ambiente activities are divided into:
- analysis of kind of biotechnology to be applied;
- organization of logistics;
- economic viability assessments.
Once the operational phases are started, the experts from BSA Ambiente collaborate closely with the R&D center, to control and monitor all phases of the application protocol. Thanks to continuous monitoring and timeliness of its actions, BSA Ambiente guarantees the success of the project on schedule and with respect of the agreed costs. The skills acquired in different fields (geology, chemistry, biology and engineering), make BSA Ambiente the perfect partner in offering applications of biotechnology that can effectively and definitively provide remediation of environmental failure.

Picture Design and characterization
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