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BSA Ambiente since 1994

It was founded in order to develop the application 
of innovative and natural technologies (biotechnologies), 
with a low environmental impact, to restore terrestrial and 
aquatic environment, at competitive costs, without generating waste.

Our Headquarters in Strambino

  • The BSA system (BACTERIA SYNERGY APPLICATION) is composed by a selection and combination of natural microorganisms (bacteria and fungal species), capable of degrading even very complex toxic substances.
  • Today the BSA system represents the natural evolution of years of research, experimentation and application.
  • La nostra Azienda di Strambino
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1998 Caselle Torinese

  • Plane crash. In situ remediation of the soil contaminated by hydrocarbons and hydraulic oil. Starting concentration 1680 ppm, decreased in 10 weeks to 0,50 ppm.

Biofixing and Bioaugmentation

  • Microorganisms are our allies. "Why worry about making chimical compounds when a small being can do it for us?"
    J.B.S. Holdane 1929
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Our Certifications:
Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali
N°. TO2232/0
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